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From the arts to local ballot initiatives to global social issue activism, these are just a few of the potentially transforming projects and grand ideas I take an interest in. This is more than a casual consideration. I've adopted approaches using intentional dialogue to engage people in community organizing and advocacy which also empowers youth led activism.   

Latest Endeavors 🌞
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PODCAST HOSTS Member Managed Directory- Rolling out in (beta) Mid-May 2023 at

The first Podcast Host Association inviting over 2 million podcasters (in our growing database) to co-create a new community and united voice heard around the world - the first such organization representing podcasts.

The organization is currently in the process of formation with ongoing webinars and surveys helping to shape the charter and bylaws that will be voted upon early in 2024. your home for Podcast Hosts


Mike's Mastermind   Introspective to the point Pseudo-Philosophy Podcast  (heard weekly on Spotify) 

Join Mike (me) as we traverse various avenues of Ontology, the philosophy of (ultra) being.  I tackle various subjects related to perception, communication and re-interpretation of the world around us. The podcast is raw without fancy musical intros or slick editing.  Its straightforward love of wisdom as it comes to me.  Find the collection of episodes at -- also check out my website too!


Graduate roject


The Non Sex organization and I Am coming out together education project 

Asexual people, or “aces,” often identify somewhere on a spectrum that includes their emotional, spiritual and romantic attraction to others while defining the relationship or desire for interaction with the lack of sexual attraction to others, or low or absent interest in or desire for sexual activity. We know just how life-changing it can be to be welcomed into a community who supports you for who you are without concern for sex or gender as our goals are focused on creating connection and inclusion for ace and aro people in LGBTQIA+ spaces.  

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PODCAST CHANNEL  Studio Podcasts Production Portal - Launching (beta) Summer 2024 

The Podcast Channel envisions itself as a growing a group of podcasts that work together on things like getting sponsorship deals and marketing their shows. If you join us, you can stand out from the crowd by being identified with the network and in the future we can help get advertisers interested in your show. The Podcast Channel also intends on offering production and distribution services for podcasts in both audio and video formats and as a group helping to market the channel working together we should also see our entire following and audience increase substantially to make us a go to name to find innovative podcast shows.


STOP BOOK BANS  Nationwide Campaign Effort - to learn more go to my website

US book bans and attempted bans rise spreading beyond school libraries to local public libraries. Book bans and attempted book bans continue to hit record highs, ALA tracked 695 challenges to library materials and services, compared with 681 during the same time period last year, and a 20% jump in the number of “unique titles” involved to 1,915. School libraries had long been the predominant target, but in 2023 reports have been near-equally divided between schools and libraries open to the general public.  Censorship needs to stop!

The NEXT Banned Books Week, campaign is September 22-28, 2024, drawing attention to the issue of censorship and how it can best be combated. Doctorial Graduate Project: Community Conversations

I'm currently researching empowered Community Conversations and Citizen Dialogues which are localized, small-group topical gatherings where participants open up, identifying what they want for their community, what needs to change to reach those goals with ways to face challenges they face in moving ideals forward.

It's more important than ever to bring people together to meet each other and discover common interests.

(Future Launch) IGO Institute       For developments click to IGO Research at 

I'm excited about the prospect of leading innovations in the field of mental health and overall well-being. The mission of the proposed IGO Institute for Therapeutic Research & Education will be to advance IGO clinical efficacy by empowering mental health professionals with study data, education, consultation, and research.

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SOUND IT OUT -- Public Awareness & Youth Wellness Campaign

Sound It Out is a campaign that uses the power and soul of music to help parents and caregivers support their children’s emotional wellness. Created by the Ad Council, in partnership with Pivotal Ventures and a coalition of organizations, the campaign delivers music and interviews from some of today’s brightest music artists and offers a comprehensive guide to helping kids open up about an array of emotions and situations as well as tools that help make this important process light and interesting.

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PUBLIC HEARINGS: Helping fellow citizens reclaim their voice and power: 

Public Hearing is a concept graduate project that I put together to help bring accountability and pace of progress by to the people/  This variation is the public's demand to be heard rather than the powers that be running a townhall or scripting an event.  A true Public Hearing is useful at a times when you really need to attract attention to a wrong doing or a critical cause.  Hearing from many different viewpoints can help you decide direction or action in an upcoming activity, legislation or legal campaign.  Go to

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PRESS BREAKFASTS: Helping get the word out to your media community:  Go to

PRESS BREAKFAST is an effective PR tool and one of many that I innovated and perfected at trade shows and expos.  Having produced dozens of successful Press Breakfasts among other media events around the world I am happy to work with your organization on your getting the 'story out' to news outlets.  Lets talk about how we can help create memorable virtual experiences for local journalists they will be more than happy to write about.

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“Mike continuously surprises me with his new ideas and insights.  I think recently he has completely changed the paradigm with his MORB theory and IGO concept writing. Mike has explained higher consciousness." 

Deepak Chopra MD, author, medical doctor, entreprenuer

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