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Community Conversations

What’s important in your community right now? What would you like to talk about?


The brand new book will describe my Community Conversations dissertation research whose timeline covered twenty years starting in 1999 when I started studying group dialogues.  The book introduces the use of "Metasphere" my term for creating an interactive collaborative space for fair and open discussion on relevant social issues and local topics of concern that matter most to you and fellow community members. Local efforts can work with educational leaders or any cause effort to co-facilitate these dialogues with community organizations, inviting anyone and everyone to the table to share and listen. Let’s create a truly democratic space where we can connect together through meaningful dialogue!

I will make my new chapters available soon.  The grad project website is

HELP US launch a Community Conversation facilitator training in your neighborhood!

Using the new training guide -- here’s what you can expect (when you participate):

  • Connect with your neighbors. Make new friends, re-establish older ones.

  • Build & bond relationships in your area by taking the time to talk with other community members about local issues.

  • Stay informed. Get accurate information and build your knowledge around timely neighborhood topics.

  • Bring your voice to the table. Our libraries are open spaces for all sides of an issue to be discussed. When you attend a conversation in your community, you’re sharing an important perspective.

  • Participate in the unique culture of your neighborhood. Speak up and listen in the context of a local dialogue that tells your community’s complex story.

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