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Group Seflie

Coach Groups Training

What does it mean to serve others as a leader?

Right now people need connection, support, and hope in their lives more than ever. When we create a space for inner growth we make the world a much better place.


Every coach I know can benefit from leading groups. Why? Because when we lead we grow ourselves. We find the brilliance in each person and help them become empowered and connected.


I would like to share with you how group coaching works and what makes it possible to step into your own leadership role.  

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Group coaching is a model where people with similar goals work with a coach in a group setting. It's also known as peer group coaching. 

My Process

Group coaching programs are cohort-based, which means multiple clients enroll in the same program at the same time and have a guided experience. Clients can progress at their own pace or take self-assessments to verify they've learned the material. 

In May 2024 I will be launching a top-tier Group Coaching training that will be focusing on developing individuals through peer learning and collective exploration. It can be effective in bringing together a group of learners, neighbors and workers for a specific purpose or goal, such as new people leaders, a leadership peer group, or high-potentials. 

Please contact me if this training interests you or your organization.

Registration information will be available soon.


Here are some tips for organizing effective group coaching sessions:

  • Ask clients to submit questions beforehand

  • Provide a session workbook and ask clients to submit responses before the session

  • Create a hot seat coaching session

  • Set a timer for session goals 

Here are some tips for facilitating a group coaching set:

  • Own the solutions to their problems

  • Challenge each other by asking high gain questions

  • Reflect on how they learn and the application to other organizational issues

  • Examine its behavior as a group

  • Maintain focus on the process

Complete immersion, access, and participation in a proactive program that supports you with the depth of expert coaching, community, shared knowledge, practice, and a professional toolkit you'll need to take your group coaching career to the next level.

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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