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Western Institute for Social Research, Berkeley, CA

Doctorate in Higher Education  (2018)


I graduated from an interdisciplinary PhD program in higher education and social change for adults involved in education and community work. My research centers on how citizens can raise awareness through a dialogue process that empowers participatory action and locality rights.


Cambridge College, Cambridge, MA.

Masters degree in Education M.ED  (2007)


My major included curriculum and instruction, counseling, school psychology, and administration. The learning experience was exceptional for myself and my study group who were interested in the development of children and adults.  The ideas can be applied to varying educational issues.

Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago, IL.

Bachelors in Marketing Communication


This integrated marketing communications degree program taught me to use research, strategic thinking, and creativity to develop and promote innovative print, television, and virtual advertising campaigns which I was able to bring to a variety of corporations and organizations internationally.

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