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2023 TEMP  DEPOT: RESEARCH PAPERS AND STUDIES LINKS (I still want to look over)

What does it mean to be smart? 

Sentience, sapience, consciousness, intelligence and emotion


The Long Shadow of Peers: Adolescent Networks and Young Adult Mental Health 


Does Intercultural Contact Increase Anti-Racist Behavior on Social Network Sites?


Different Discussion Partners and Their Effect on Depression among Older Adults 


Economic Poverty: Does the Break-Up of Families Matter? 


Consciousness, Sapience and Sentience—A Metacybernetic View 


Phenomenology of psychiatric emergencies 


The feelings of knowing - fundamental interoceptive patterns (FoK-FIP) system: connecting consciousness to physics 


The impact of discernment counseling on individuals who decide to divorce: experiences of post-divorce communication and coparenting


How do general practitioners handle couple relationship problems in consultations? A focus group study


Cognitive Behavior Therapy 


Sense of Relational Entitlement and Couple Outcomes: The Mediating Role of Couple Negotiation Tactics 


Influence of Food Type on Human Psychological-Behavioral Responses and Crime Reduction 


Psychosocial factors associated with camouflaging in autistic people and its relationship with mental health and well-being: A mixed methods systematic review 


Social self-efficacy and mental well-being in autistic adults: Exploring the role of social identity 

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