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Personal Profile


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I am a single Dad (and not looking around) - I have two amazing wonderful daughters (Elsa & Elyn) who are gorgeous teens, very talented artists, writers of fact and of course, online gamers!  Both girls are involved in school clubs and volunteering. For the last 5 years we have resided in the Midwest after having lived on both coasts and in China! 


In 2018 I "came out" identified myself as Asexual (see below)  Creatively, I'm very neurodivergent which is a non-medical term for when someone's brain processes, learns or behaves differently from the "norm".  My friends have long said my worldview is not “typical.”  Neurodiverse people think, process and experience life, and interact with the world around us in a unique way.  I also deeply appreciate a vast wide spectrum of diversity and cultural experiences which means I enjoy having the company of a wide range of people with various views, racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, and cultural backgrounds and various lifestyles as this enhances my own experience, and interests. 

Fun Factoids

From mid-2010 to 2013 we lived in Shanghai, China were I worked as a US reporter while also writing my dissertation.  My kids were fluent in Chinese but then we moved back 10 yrs

ago and they forgot it.  Now they are studying to relearn it.

I was extremely fortunate to have had

the positive influence, friendship and mentorship of Dr. Steven Covey who took an interest in my projects and liked to call to just talk & check-in once in a while on me.  I miss him.  His emphasis on honing habits & quality of character helped me evolve my "IGO" to finally improve my own.

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One of my pet projects is starting a portal for ACEs that want to tell their own story.  We are our own special ilk and diverse community within the LGBTIA+ spectrum.  Want to tell us about yourself?  Go to

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Because I believe in the importance of inclusiveness & dialogue I studied how we can improve relating better to one another.  Community Conversations is a strategy that has been used nationally effectively to discover, support, and disseminate creative and promising approaches for supporting local needs and getting citizens to participate in the process. It can used in schools, at work, and in community activities that tackle social issues and also enhances community settings. The process is a safe creative, productive, and powerful way to move forward.  CC's identify how diverse members of a community can work together in compelling ways to solve our important challenges. You can read my article in Kosmos Journal.

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