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Who'se Your Boogey Man?

George Soros has been the boogeyman of conservatives and nationalists for decades.

The diatribe and visceral has been getting worse as extremists are misled in their ability to discern the thoughts and impressions given to them in the Soros at age 93 is an easy target. From his funding of progressive prosecutors to his millions of donations to liberal causes across the globe becomes a target of disdain and hate. George Soros and his Jewish heritage have made him an easy scapegoat for conservative fearmongering.

Now that conspiracy theories without merit and growing antisemitism has become all the more overt since the election of Donald Trump it's time we look at ourselves and what we as a people are projecting onto each other. These are divisive tactics purposely done onto us.

Watch this recent video from attorney and civics teacher Leeja Miller as she accurately explains what has been going on and the future danger it NOW presents.

Antisemitism among other "blame games" is a dementiated tactic of DASCISM a variation of neo-fascism that our society is facing in the fake-news cycle that is virally spread on/offline.

Antisemitism (also spelled anti-semitism or anti-Semitism)[a] is hostility to, prejudice towards, or discrimination against Jews.[2][3][4] This sentiment is a form of racism,[5][6] and a person who harbours it is called an antisemite. Though antisemitism is overwhelmingly perpetrated by non-Jews, it may occasionally be perpetrated by Jews in a phenomenon known as auto-antisemitism (i.e., self-hating Jews).[7] Primarily, antisemitic tendencies may be motivated by negative sentiment towards Jews as a people or by negative sentiment towards Jews with regard to Judaism. In the former case, usually presented as racial antisemitism, a person's hostility is driven by the belief that Jews constitute a distinct race with inherent traits or characteristics that are repulsive or inferior to the preferred traits or characteristics within that person's society.[8] In the latter case, known as religious antisemitism, a person's hostility is driven by their religion's perception of Jews and Judaism, typically encompassing doctrines of supersession that expect or demand Jews to turn away from Judaism and submit to the religion presenting itself as Judaism's successor faith — this is a common theme within the other Abrahamic religions.[9][10] The development of racial and religious antisemitism has historically been encouraged by anti-Judaism,[11][12] though the concept itself is distinct from antisemitism.[13]

To view this Wikipedia article on Antisemitism in full click here

For teaching your children and next generations the importance of this awareness - have them listen to the Teenage Podcast at - more on this later on...

It is important to stop hate speech and disinformation spread as we can for our wellbeing and societal conscious composure that is less divisive and allowing for clear compassion.

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