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New Channel Development

Sales & Marketing Campaigns

Future Scenario Planning

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PR Project Management

Public Image Crafting

Total Brand Evangelism 

New Product Launches

Buzz Trends Intelligence

Strategy & Advocacy



Project Developer / Problem Solver




Friends call me by my nickname 'MIKE RICH' and since I am a transplanted person having moved to the Midwest after living on both coasts, I am up for exploring new ideas and opportunities!


I'm particularly skilled in media asset creation, image branding, PR and CEO corporate communication along with sales and marketing. 

In my former life, I started-up a niche indie newswire service and have a radio talk show background having influenced two formats. 

I recently completed my PhD and looking for my next big project.


I'm happy to share my insights with you!

Contact me if you'd love some assistance.

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“Mike is a total out-of-the-box innovator, few people are able to grasp situations and opportunities in such a vast or fast way.  He is a real talent. Hire him today.”

    -- Brian Tracy, famed author, semiar speaker


"You owe it yourself and company to let MIKE RICH speak to them about goals and how to communicate effectively."

    -- Sir Richard Branson, Chairman Virgin Corp 


"I've worked with the best and its rare to meet someone as keen on getting what message is right as Mike.  He has what it takes to know perfectly how to say it." 

-- Mike Pavilon, CEO, Pavilon Companies


“You will love Mike. His enthusiasm and positive attitude will help you gain the trust of colleagues and external parties alike. He will just win them over fast too”

    -- Connie Harris, Internationally Renown Artist


"His phenomenal approach and writing skills make for a world specialist at what he does. I consider his project planning one of his most important qualities too."

    --  Yan Zang, Government Minister of China