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WeltSchloss is a combination of German words I put together that translates into "World Dwelling" which signifies the ability to consciously interpret meanings as they reveal themselves.  This is a philosophical exploration into how we arrive at recognizing our own understanding of events and thought processes that allow for deeper exploration of potential realities and how we can best share insights.
IGO existence is built upon the notion of a self born within a story; the idea that our identities are shaped by the accounts we give of our lives. The central tenet of IGO vs Ego supporting my theory is revealed in the ability of all individuals to shape their lives by extending multiple instances of a described ‘self’ in action.

IGO is projected through the BIDECK whose mental processes give a sense of self autobiographical narratives that exist primarily in a story whether or not its based factually or can be confirmed. For my definition, the IGO is that portrayal in mind of the self playing out in those various scenarios, replaying incidents to imagining new possibilities or just simply romantic fantasizing - its the 'selfie' of the mind's perception of being played out in imagination. It's me viewing 'I' go.

DASCISM: Democracy in Decline 
Dascism is my  term for devolving political ideology, style of governance, political movement and set of neo-fascist mechanisms for acquiring and keeping power that are associated with today's politics where populist leaders work to excite a core base of followers from which to source their support and authority from.

Dascism can be seen as an American political variant forming on the far-right and derives from the national-populist and neo-nationalist sentiment seen in multiple nations worldwide from the late 2010s to the early 2020s.  While it is true that Dascism is comparable to fascism there are important distinctions deserving of using this new term to increase awareness of this emerging dangerous trend.

While pointing out that while there are parallels between Dascism and Fascism, there are also many important dissimilarities to emphasize. The term can also be applied to conservative-nationalist trends and national-populist movements in other Western democracies.  
Read my DASCISM book proposal and mini-summary of chapters here
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