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New Brand Development

Behavioral Neuromarketing

Future Scenario Planning

Inside Campaign Advice

Focus Groups & Surveys

Media Identity Appeal

Public Persona Crafting

Total Brand Evangelism 

New Product Launches

Buzz Trends Intelligence

PR Strategy & Advocacy




In recent years, research from consumer neuroscience, social psychology and behavioral economics has revealed interesting new insights that helps us understand how the brain works and how unconscious emotions shape decisions.


My work aims at creating good consumer aware experiences and making better smarter more informed appeals as fair persuasion.


Successful companies, like Google and Amazon, have applied Neuromarketing principles to design, content, message and user experience optimization. The results have been mind-blowing.


Can we use these insights to make for a better society? Lets talk!

Contact me if you'd love some assistance.

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2024 Workshop List Coming Soon

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