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Welcome to My 2020s Mastermind Blog Post

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

I am bringing in the next phase of our (while still perceived new) 2020s decade with some adjustments and planning that I have not seen for myself in years. Instead of irregular article writing and guest blog posts - I thoughts to concentrate on thought leadership are geared to highlight what i do best (as a behind the scenes planner or media event producer). I've got people checking me out this year as I have accelerated my LinkedIn outreach and many may decide to work with me in one or more of my many ventures. Its an exciting time to kick off Mike's Mastermind and one way to do this is with a blog.

2020 looks to be an exciting year with rising tensions, divisions and the Presidential election coming up. Opportunity abounds and this is certainly the time to be clear about long range goals and objectives as well as forming alliances and team building which I am currently doing. My intention is to engage the enthusiasm and optimism I am getting from fellow CEOs, experts and coaches whom regularly participate in this space with the hope of finding comradeship and potential collaboration addressing community concerns and support each other in our quest to grow and improve best practices.

Setting clear goals and employee expectations for your team is key to your staff's success. When setting these objectives, encourage employee questions and feedback. Including them in the process can increase engagement and keep the momentum of your direction going.

In looking ahead at the new decade and the possibilities it brings Amish Shah, president of ALTR Created Diamonds, said that good leaders will also explain the company vision and how team member goals fit into that equation. "For a leader to motivate and inspire, they need to keep their team in the know about their vision," he said. "This helps employees understand the end result they're working towards as a unit. When goals are clearly set, everyone can track progress and identify achievements in a tangible manner." 

It also should be stressed what the significance of your goals are along with the importance of explaining how achieving these goals impact the organization as a whole. Regardless of seniority level, every employee, team member and partner should be able to articulate how the work they do supports the success of the venture.

While many of make new year resolutions and have personal goals - don't let team member goals go static. Periodically revisit goals to modify or rearrange them as needed. This will let your team members know that you are present and aware of what they are working on.

When solving a problem, encourage team members to provide their insights. When employees feel like they can openly bring new ideas to the table, true innovation, engagement and success can prevail.

Remember that being a good leader takes time and that is my investment of creating this new blog as a centerpiece of my thinking and discoveries. Although some individuals are naturally inclined to have good leadership skills, I have found time again that it is something anyone can learn and improve upon. With hard work, dedication and strategic planning, you can lead your team to success and that is something I've witnessed repeatedly as a coach.

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