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592 Bradford Way

Hartland, WI 53029



Cell Phone: 1-310-428-9784


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Professional Info​

As a Communication Consultant, I help my clients implement their marketing, public relations and social media strategies that align with their goals and values.  The key responsibilities include branding, public perception and image management while creating and placing content, generating leads online, monitoring response feedback, engaging with the sales community by running contests and online campaigns. At this time, I am only interested taking on only those projects that support community engagement.  I am very selective in choosing which clients to work with as they must demonstrate to me a sincere interest in "giving back" utilizing online technologies, innovative marketing, creativity, and have a serious customer service orientation.

Recent Experience
Membership Coordinator, Coach Mastermind  


Editor & Chief, US News Bureau LA/NY        

Foreign Press Liaison, World Expo Shanghai China

VP Marketing, World Talk Radio, San Diego, CA

National Media Manager, Live Seminar Events Anthony Robbins (Author, Trainer & Speaker)

Admissions Director, ITT Technical Institute (Albany, NY Campus)

Admissions Director & Course Instructor - ITT, Albany Campus.

​2015 - September 2016 (corporate closure)


I taught a college level course covering contemporary principles, key theories and concepts of human communication. An examination of the interpersonal communication process designed to help students gain an awareness of the elements which both aid and hinder communication. Skills taught were designed to increase communication effectiveness, including nonverbal and verbal behavior, listening, assertiveness, and conflict resolution with practical use applications.


Experience Facilitator. CEO Coach, Founder - New York Mastermind

​2010 - present


Influenced by the book "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill, Mastermind Groups have become the 'in' trend where an effective, take-action leader helps transform member's income and business by leveraging the power and collective energy from a trusted board of advisors. Every successful Mastermind Group has a successful leader, often called a facilitator, who helps to steer things, establish process and protocol, set agendas, provide vision, and individually coach members outside of the group arena -that role has been bestowed upon me.

Editor-in-Chief - US News Bureau / All Press Wire.

​1998 - present

I run a virtual press release distribution service that acts as a hybrid PR agency and news post utilizing RSS feeds, social media, email and other formats to reach reporters at media outlets.  A strong media relations strategy is at the core of everything that I do. From identifying top major trends in your industry (Trend Intervention) to inserting 'you' into relevant breaking news stories (Story Hijacking), I am always looking for new ways to secure meaningful and impactful media coverage for my core clients. I have significant experience working with business press as well as NGOs, fair trade and vertical publications, broadcast media and online outlets.

Future Planner

I help families and individuals plan for tomorrow utilizing a unique seven step process that helps clarify future goals and objectives that I envision as a certification process.


Foreign Press Liaison, World Expo Shanghai China  

VP Marketing, World Talk Radio, San Diego, CA

National Media Manager, Live Seminar Events Anthony Robbins (Author, Trainer & Speaker)

Forte / Talents

Marketing media strategy and PR Traffic & sales enrollment planning

Press conferences /reporter invites

Full year internet (online) marketing

Event promotion / trade shows

New business & product launches

  • Media Interview Training

  • Blogger/Influencer Relations

  • Trend Intervention

  • Story Tracking

  • Satellite & Radio Media Tours

  • Strategic News Placements

  • Product Review Programs


Editorial content creation

Social media management

Article and speech writing

Powerpoint presentations

Website design and creation

Webinar seminars production

Cold calling / sales scripting

Event organizing / promotion

Barter / trade negotiations

Mediation / conflict resolution

Notable Achievements

Early alternative radio innovator.

Publisher of niche newsletters.

Managed Seminar Promotions for -Anthony Robbins (over 7 years)

-Stars of Hay House, Chicago

-Les Brown, Speaker Training

-Success Club / Winner Dinners

Participated as News Producer:

- World's Expo, Shanghai China

- Natural Products Expo

- Concious Living Expo

- Green Festivals / Earth Day PR

Awards Program Producer:

- Gourmet Product Awards

- Natural Product Awards

- New Book Awards

- Coffee Shop Awards

awards glimmer image.gif
Western Institute for Social Research, Berkeley, CA

Doctorate in Higher Education  (2018)


I graduated from an interdisciplinary PhD program in higher education and social change for adults involved in education and community work. My research centers on how citizens can raise awareness through a dialogue process that empowers participatory action and locality rights.


Cambridge College, Cambridge, MA.

Masters degree in Education   (2006)


My major included curriculum and instruction, counseling, school psychology, and administration. The learning experience was exceptional for myself and my study group who were interested in the development of children and adults.  The ideas can be applied to varying educational issues.

Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago, IL.

Bachelors in Marketing Communication


This integrated marketing communications degree program taught me to use research, strategic thinking, and creativity to develop and promote innovative print, television, and virtual advertising campaigns which I was able to bring to a variety of corporations and organizations internationally.

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