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Launching the Podcast Channel in 2024

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

A podcast network is a group of podcasts that work together and collaboratively support one another as a community. I see this as the basis for starting the Podcast Channel while also offering original content and done-for-you production services. As we grow we can help each other get right-fit sponsorship deals and group marketing of shows.

The Podcast Channel intends on making a 'name' for itself as a recognized leader within the podcast community by offering a way for independent podcast hosts and producers to find accessible means of collaboration and funding sources for their operations. I also envision production and distribution services for podcasts in both audio and video formats with the end game of helping market your podcast, so together we'd realize an audience increase.

We see the Podcast Channel as a new hybrid media model enhancing the ability to host and pro-actively cater to producing and promoting programs. Our aim is to craft dynamic new podcast products while giving direly needed exposure to existing shows that would thrive by being found on our channel.

This is a true opportunity for program content to get heard where distinctive talents and skills can produce programming that will bring market attention and create sustainable value for our portfolio. Our efforts aim to satisfy our hosts, guests and savvy investors who imagine a great future for the Podcast Channel. ​

Our investment dev into the Podcast Channel will take a variety of forms. We will outreach to encourage progressive VCs to realize our vision and/or help us scale. We can see many new channels emerge within our network that appeals to creative enterprises to consider podcasting as a means of outreach adding to that asset of offering to produce it as a DFY service. We invite anyone considering the power of podcasting particularly influencers including executives, authors, activists or any expert transitioning to new business opportunities that seeks expansion of their message, as well as outlets who seeks market differentials.

The Podcast Channel also intends to become an umbrella company that allows selected individual shows join us to take advantage of certain benefits, especially when it comes to promotion, production services and coop advertising. While some networks stick to limited themes like news or crime dramas we plan to be more open with various channel offers. ​

Originally podcast networks were created to market and monetize podcasts, but they’ve evolved to much more over time. ​ Which begs the question why us?

The Podcast Channel opens up the next generation of podcast possibilities --- You see, podcasts had a discoverability problem in the late 90s and early 2000s. They weren’t mainstream at the time. Podcast directories didn’t exist either yet and search engines weren’t capable of exploring audio content. Podcast networks were built to solve this problem. Their goals are to market shows to increase listenership and create a big pool for advertisers to buy ads. Most networks want to profit as well, so they take a portion of the ad revenue. This creates a symbiotic relationship between the podcaster and the network where both sides can succeed.

What's been missing is a full service open access operation... that is what we intend to offer... stay tuned and please feel to eme directly at to learn more. Thanks! - Mike

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