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Book of Life: Making Monthly Chapters

When I started the Success Club in Chicago, I was very interested in creating a community of aligned personal growth seekers who would come together as a group meeting monthly to share insights and plan goals for the next 30 days.

It was a dynamic time as our membership grew so did the realization that by planning our goals and meeting monthly we were creating 12 intervals in our year's expedition that represented some measure of progress and an opportunity to share our insights.

I wanted to become a better version of myself for the purpose of one day having aligned myself to evolving and growing (boy) would achieve new levels of awareness and self mastery allowing me to live the dream life I had wished for and imagined.

So, we began the year looking at what each Success Club member could achieve or reasonably expect to accomplish over 12 months and then dissect that block of time into 'stage by step' goals that allowed for each monthly meeting's planning session to reflect and regroup focus on the next course of action required to stay on track with the goals.

Most people fail in their New Year resolutions because they are unable to maintain the focus and motivation past January and this hampers their overall measure of self-esteem failing.

The Success Club created an environment for friendship and supportive fellowship where members could seek advice, coaching and uncritically share their insights and lessons. Looking at a solid block of time together, we saw our members grow and some took leaps and bounds forward really accomplishing huge breakthroughs in achievement.

It wasn't just about 'getting goals' it was about the journey and who 'we' were becoming by taking on these ventures. Success was a measure of progress not just accomplishment and this perspective allowed us to reflect on the meaning of our lives not just in terms of material gain but who we were in the process of becoming in the pursuit of our dreams.

Looking at January as the start of the new year, you might imagine and picture who you have become and what has changed over the next 12 months and this can become your plan for a new you that is kinder, gentler more loving etc as those are admirable goals.

Each month is a new chapter on your year's journey and one can imagine themselves projected into the future possessing and expressing themselves refined in this perspective.

Why not try it with a friend, family member, coworker who will become your 'Success Buddy' supporting each other along the way, helping you to stay on track and accountable for your stated goals and each month represents a good block of time to consider a one year cycle.

For more ideas on this and how the Success Club operated back in the day check out NEW YEAR SUCCESS and watch the video -- just go to Have a great year!

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