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5 Reasons why you want to consider embarking on a conscious leadership journey

Inga Michaelsen writes that "becoming a conscious Leader benefits not only your bottom line and organizational goals but will have a tremendous positive impact on your personal well-being and the legacy you leave".

As a conscious leader and team, you will be able to navigate the complex challenges we are facing today while contributing intentionally to creating a better world for all.

A shift towards meaning and purpose:

People, especially Millennials, are demanding their workplace to be filled with meaning and purpose and aligned with their values.

On the consumer end, recent studies have shown that 50% of global consumers are willing to pay more for goods and services from companies that make a positive difference in the world. (Nielsen)

“Businesses without a core impact will be at a competitive disadvantage in 4-7 years (or less)” Yanik Silver – Evolved Enterprise

Being inspired by a higher purpose for your organization and incorporating your values in everyday interactions will fulfill that need of your employees for meaning and purpose. Orienting your organization towards being a force for good in the world will be attractive to the growing numbers of consumers who value those qualities in a company.

Transparency and authenticity will be rewarded:

Business is under scrutiny. In an ever more connected world, businesses can’t control their marketing messages any longer. Being transparent and authentic will pay off, as social media and technology can spread positive as well as negative news of your organization in an instant. Operating from a place of transparency and authenticity is key to succeed in this highly connected world.

Inspired work cultures are vital for success:

A staggering 70% of the American workforce is not engaged according to a recent Gallup study. This disengagement has a major effect on an organization’s culture,  productivity and success.

When employees feel valued, appreciated and empowered, they will bring all of themselves to work. As a conscious leader, you can inspire a vital culture, in which the employees take pride.

Keeping up with a fast-changing world:

In order to solve the puzzle of complexity and globalization of today, leaders of today need to be able to tap into the collective thinking power of all their shareholders. Focusing on collaboration and co-creation and a movement from “me to we” will be essential to deal with the challenges organizations and the world are facing today.

As a conscious leader you are able to facilitate this process and all shareholders involved in your organization, even your competitors, will become a key to help your organization innovate and succeed.

Interconnectedness of life

Inga Michaelsen concludes that the impact climate change, technology, and globalization have on us all drives home the spiritual truth of our interconnectedness. As a conscious leader, you can expand your awareness on how your actions impact the world. You actively seek ways to increase the benefits that are being created for other stakeholders, knowing that your business is an interdependent part of a much bigger system.

Inga Michaelsen writing on her site the Conscious Leadership Revolution

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